Doctor’s surgeries & Dental Practices

Primary Health Care: Doctors Surgeries & Dental Practices

Our high standards in cleaning have already passed several CQC inspections!

Having a number of surgeries as our clients, we are fully aware of the exceptionally high standard of cleanliness and best practices that is expected from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). With that in mind we take particular care in training our operatives to clean to a standard that will pass a CQC inspection at any time.

Basing our training programme and working schedules on the 'National Specifications for Cleanliness in the NHS: Primary Care Medical and Dental Premises', we have also teamed up with Citation, a Health & Safety specialist, to ensure that our delivery of service is second to none.

All new operatives are introduced to the team at the surgery/practice and trained directly by one of our senior service team members, already qualified in training against cross contamination and infection control.  Only when it is felt that they are happy and ready to take on the role themselves (or as part of a team, for larger surgeries) do we take a more distant role.  However, the management team regularly programme ad-hoc visits to ensure that standards are continually met.

Due to the nature of the role, surgeries tend to be cleaned outside of opening hours and therefore our operators are quite often handed the responsibility of being a key holder for the building.  With this in mind, as well as the other sensitive areas surrounding medical care establishments, we look to check our operatives through a nationally recognised disclosure procedure.

CQC inspections have taken place in several of our clients’ surgeries.  Because of our attention to detail and delivery in high standards, our efforts have passed all inspections to date, with special acknowledgement to the standards met by our cleaning services.