I'm a single mum who also runs her own business …… AND I'm a clean and tidy freak! Over the last 8 years I've tried so many different solutions to the fact that I just don't have enough time to do everything, none of them satisfactory. I've worked my way through several cleaning agencies but in the end I've always ended up asking them not to bother coming back; I always had to tidy up first and leave endless notes describing what needed doing AND they just never really cleaned properly …..so I figured I'm better off doing it myself!

Cookies have, from day one been my salvation. The day that Rachel first visited to look round the house and talk about what I needed I knew that I had found my solution. She clearly got a measure of my (crazy) life and outlined exactly what Cookies could offer — far more than I had dreamed of. I get a weekly clean but the girls also change towels, do the washing and ironing, tidy up after my kids and generally use their common sense to notice what needs to be done. That includes tackling the oven, the fridge (how do they get dirty?) and clearing out cupboards that are in danger of causing an avalanche. I love coming home on a Wednesday! Most of all they are, without exception, a lovely bunch of people who I trust completely in my home.

Professional Lady with family, Domestic Client